Our solutions are used throughout HR Professionals of all industries and sectors to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the hardest challenges they face. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to transform organizations, their industries, and the world around us. But an algorithm is just the beginning. As we add the power of A.I. in HR, we call our solutions evidence-based, super-efficient HR solutions. But to achieve transformational change, you also need an embedded cultural change program as well.

Artificial Intelligence

How can artificial intelligence be used in HR Management


Research into intelligent problem-solving behaviour and the creation of intelligent computer systems. Artificial intelligence (AI) deals with methods that enable a computer to solve tasks that require intelligence when they are solved by humans.

A.I. in HR:

Artificial intelligence is the inevitable next step for high-growth companies, and no one disputes its ability to drive efficiencies, scale and effectiveness. However, the topic of A.I. in Human Resources evokes excitement and dread at the same time.

Excitement for all it could help us achieve, and dread about the potential dehumanization or loss of employment.

Well, at Singularity-HR we believe that A.I. will help human resource managers across all organisations to place HR as a real people function. As processes become more data-driven, decisions become more objective, and previously paper-based and outdated processes become transparent and fairer, HR professionals can build employee engagement, drive change management initiatives, trust, and winning workplace culture. In a way, if humans stop doing robotic tasks, they can bring more humanity to the HR function

Human Resources KPI Cockpit

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Evidence-based personnel management

Digital Workplace for HR

Changing employee expectations of digital solutions are forcing companies to make work processes more flexible, reliable and standardized at the same time. The digital HR workplace solution of Singularity-HR provides a central hub for communication, processes and information – and thus the opportunity to increase collaboration, productivity and efficiency of employees through automation of workflows. It is a role-based digital workstation, combined with a variety of applications, services and information for HR into one unified employee access point that directly interacts with your core ERP system. In brief: your extended HR workbench that we call HR Companion.

Automation of HR workflows

The information management in HR currently often has potential for optimization. Processes are not transparent, processing times are far too long, tools and interfaces are inconsistent, data quality is inadequate, formulas used are outdated. Far too often, paper replaces faster, more efficient digital processes. We want to turn the tables and help you implementing innovative workflows through suitable formulas and templates that are fully digital, consistent and conformable to local legislation.

Predictive Analytics in HR

Predictive Workforce Analytics (5P Model)

Predictive analytics in HR (short: HRPA) is an evolving application field of analytics for specific HRM purposes. The purpose of HRM is measuring employee performance in combination with company performance, overall engagement, studying workforce collaboration patterns, analyzing employee churn and turnover rate as well as contribution rates to the overall companies success. The motive of applying HRPA is to optimize performances and produce better return on investment for organizations through decision making based on data collection, HR metrics and predictive models.

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