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The Age of AI is Here: How to Automate Your HR Team

In our lifetime human-like artificial intelligence (AI) have gone from imaginary science fiction characters to reality. Maybe you don’t have a droid like R2-D2 following you around, but you probably use a smartphone assistant, smart home device, or smartwatch — all of which use AI.


3 Rules for Maintaining the Human Touch in the Digital Transformation

As a human resources leader, you’ve seen that the communications landscape is vastly different than it was 20 years ago, and these changes — think automation, social messaging, and remote work — are all drastically changing how you do your job


The Power of 3: Defining the Employee Experience Category in HR Tech

So, what’s making the employee experience so important? In short, business leaders have to realize that their people are their greatest assets. But, it’s getting harder to attract and retain top talent. Case in point: more than 80% of employees are currently looking for or are open to a new job.


HR ist seit vielen Jahren eine „lebendige Leiche“

Die Wahrheit kann unbequem sein. Vielleicht sogar schmerzhaft. Und doch bin ich überzeugt: Die Personalabteilungen haben sich viel zu lange vor ihr gedrückt. Während unzählige Studien den ausbleibenden Mehrwert der Human Resources (HR) beklagen...


5 HR Use Cases for AI According to Industry Experts.

HR is all about building, maintaining, and improving human relationships in the workplace. This requires careful and intelligent handling of workplace situations backed by data on the one hand and intuition on the other. This is why HR use cases are a prime candidate for AI.


2 Connections That Will Unleash a Flood of Human Capital.

We are about to massively increase the amount of human genius on Earth in two distinct ways. First, by identifying and connecting those geniuses that already exist, but lack access to the right tools (i.e. they are off the grid). And second, by connecting the average human cortex to the cloud, amplifying human intelligence (HI) with high-bandwidth brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

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