Singularity-HR is uniquely positioned to assist your organisation to strengthen its strategic role and contribution of your HR Management to ensure the execution of the business strategy.

Our focus is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in HR Management, Automation of business processes, Predictive Workforce Analytics and Digital Workplace.

Our comprehensive and advanced consulting approach helps organisations to define and execute a super-effective HR strategy as well as develop and deliver services and capabilities that today's organisations need to grow.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Along the Employee Lifecycle, we develop solutions that perfectly match your specific HR processes and governance. But we need to talk about standards first.

In order to create holistic solutions, we consider every single process of your HR operations model. It is important to us not only to offer partial solutions, but also to see the big picture and install future-proof digital workflows and processes.

Btw, we also bear in mind that costs and efficiency of your HR management has direct impact on your P&L. In almost all projects we were able to significantly decrease costs levels and at the same increase quality, speed and productivity.

Our Consulting Approach

Define HR value drivers

Understand the overall business strategy in terms of innovation, efficiency and business needs, deploy HR strategy approach with focus on A.I. in HR.

Align HR products and services

Segment HR customers, business partners and stakeholders, prioritize HR investments, analyze current HR processes and HRIT landscape, design future HR services and operations model.

Deliver value

Ensure right HR service delivery model is in place, establish right HR capabilities and skillsets are available, Improve HR operational excellence continuously, build predictive analytics capabilities, measure impact of new HR services

Unlike other consultancies we stay onboard and do not leave you alone with your strategy

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