We develop digital solutions in human resource management with significant impact.

In mainly all projects we assess the current situation, ask for the uncomfortable truth in your organization, question the status quo and finally develop a joint vision where you want to be in the near future. Unlike other consultancies, we stay until the end - we do not leave you alone with a strategy but also implement the whole project.
We know that change has become the only constant. The speed at which organizations adapt and evolve will decide their long term survival. Innovation is an imperative, people, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is the formula to create a measureable impact.
At Singularity-HR, we are dedicated to a simple, pragmatic goal: to give our clients a competitive edge in the ever evolving economy.

Heiko Wieprecht, CEO

Our formula for state-of-the-art HR management and efficient HR operations:

Why we do it?

Well, at Singualrity-HR we are true believers. We raised the question what is our purpose, what do we believe in? As technology further evolved and we have near artificial intelligence solutions and automation ready to run, it´s about time to stop HR managers around the globe doing robotic tasks. Instead HR teams should begin working alongside A.I. and take the chance to bring more humanity to the HR function. As processes become more data-driven, decisions become more objective and outdated processes will be replaced by highly efficient workflow process management, we believe that HR professionals can build trust, employee engagement and a winning workplace culture. In a way you may say that A.I. is humanizing HR Management

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